Anita Sechesky

International Best-Selling Author


Anita Sechesky is a wife and also the mom of two wonderful boys, ages 19 and 13 years old, plus they have two fur babies. The family pets are named “Cookie” who is an American Cocker Spaniel, and “Caleb” who is a Shih Tzu puppy and the newest addition to the household. Anita is a highly-skilled Registered Nurse, an ICF - Certified Professional Coach, a Publisher, an International Best-Selling Author, and owns her publishing company called LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE. As a little girl from South America, she knew what it was like to feel different and misunderstood growing up in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Anita desires to empower and enlighten as many people in all age groups through her writing to find their personal freedom through mindfulness and faith-based values.


Anita says..."I started my successful business, LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE, five years ago because I went through emotions of feeling unappreciated and insignificant growing up in Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada. I was born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, and my family relocated to Canada when I was only four years old. I understand what it feels like not to be heard and find confidence within yourself. Therefore, I aspire to make my authors feel validated when they work with us. If people don’t write their story when they are physically, mentally, and spiritually capable, they won’t feel like they’ve honored what they’ve walked through. As a result of publishing a genre of self-healing stories of hope, courage, and strength in an array of beautiful publications, emotional healing through writing has been my primary focus when working closely with my authors.

I strongly believe in supporting all entrepreneurs to step into their next level of accomplishment. As a Registered Nurse with over 20 years in Health Care, I have worked with all age groups and diversities, and I believe healing can be found through literature when it’s written from a mind, body, and spiritual perspective. That is why I held the title and responsibility of President of the Brampton Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in 2018.

I love being a highly-skilled Registered Nurse because I’ve learned that no experience, regardless of whether good or bad, is ever wasted. My professional RN career has permitted me Leadership opportunities, such as undertaking the care of 30 to over 100 people during various shifts as a Charge Nurse and Team Leader in a variety of healthcare settings: nursing homes to hospital floors with specialized areas such as Cardiac Procedures. As a Trauma Nurse, I have also worked in the Emergency Department of various hospitals throughout Southwestern Ontario. These experiences alone, along with my early years growing up, have not been wasted but only empowered me to understand the human spirit, our psyche, and how life impacts people in so many ways. This is why my passion and vision is so strong: I feel it’s imperative that I encourage individuals to write their emotions in an eloquent and powerful way before they become discouraged or worse, transition from this dimension without leaving their beautiful voice to inspire millions throughout the world.

My clients appreciate the time, energy, and commitment I give them on an individual basis to help them bring out their best story for publication. As a result, I’ve had the privilege as a Book Writing Mentor and Ghost Writer to brand 380+ Canadian and International Best-Selling authors in the last five years. Being the Founder of Anita Sechesky – Living Without Limitations and also the Publisher of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE, a division of my main company, I am able to empower, inspire, and motivate both authors and their readers alike to step into living their best lives possible.

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you very soon."