As a Woman of God, we often find ourselves becoming complacent in our daily walk because of life’s challenges. However it's in these very moments we must overcome the temptation to remain stagnant or wounded because of the setbacks, jealousy, competition, and struggles that we all walk through. The realization that our God-given destiny is dependant on hearing our Father’s voice is the very moment our story changes. Every female, regardless of their age, must get a copy of this book to be empowered and uplifted by stories from real women who understood the call of RISING UP to the next level in their own lives.

COMING 2022!

When life changes right before your eyes, Love is the one thing that remains when all else fails. What is it that keeps you in a place of self-worth and confidence? What do you do when no one understands, or it feels like no one cares? The collective messages in this beautiful book will enlighten our readers to look beyond their present circumstances and find strength where they never looked before.

COMING 2022!

This workbook will equip you to pray effectively as a warrior

for Christ and confidently see results.


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