Anita Sechesky

International Best-Selling Author

Living Without Limitations - Courage

My First Reflective Journal & Activity Book 1

A colorful and life-empowering book promoting mindfulness and emotional well-being for all young children and the adults in their lives. This book contains a Reflective Journal, Positive Affirmations, and Activity Sections. The eBook format only includes Positive Affirmations. Let’s talk about what it means to be courageous as a child. We cannot always control things that happen to us growing up, but we can learn how to be a better person in the world around us. We can choose how we react when things go wrong. We can overcome many negative experiences with a positive outlook. Imagine, if we all learned to live without limitations in the early years, how different the world would be. Living Without Limitations – My First Reflective Journal and Activity Book series will inspire, build confidence and character while encouraging open communication about emotions and everyday life.