You are an Onion!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-27-13 2:44 AM
You are an Onion Picture
Have you ever seen an Onion? Have you ever peeled back the thin skin, and seen a thicker layer? Then when you break through the layer after layers the onion juice makes your eyes water?
Well we are like an onion! YES!! …we are.
The layers represent our lives, it tells our stories.
As the layers are thick, so is the experiences we have walked through. Then we have our moments…the emotional tear jerking, struggles, hardships, heart breaks. As we grow emotionally, we can see more layers and we can see more tears!
Life is not easy, it is a blessing indeed! But, everyone has their own personal struggles, and pain they must endure. Not anyone is immune to this thing called life. We are all connected, by birth, marriage, occupation, gender, ethnicity, geography, education, religion, politics, economics, health and history.
As we develop as a society we are all affected by what is happening on the world front. The local news and world news are what makes us or breaks us. We can deny many things, but one thing we cannot deny is that life happens in layers… Birth, Toddler, Childhood,
Adolescent ,Teenage,Young adulthood, Middle- aged adulthood, Senior adulthood.
Throughout , our life-cycle we develop like onions. We grow, develop, learning the whole while, we continue learning and developing, developing and learning. We go through our own family process, have children, take care of them, teach them and watch them grow up themselves. As these changes and cycles take place, we also go through many experiences, many will have endured the hardships of job losses, losing loved ones, relocating, marriages and divorces, failures and disappointments. We sometimes, share our emotions with those we have close or don’t.
As an “Onion” person, we need to understand that with each experience we go through it becomes part of our own personal development. We have always had a choice to choose what will cause us to become the type of person we want to be.
So what I am saying is continue being that Onion!!… but let your layers bring out the best in you, and don’t let it bring tears to your eyes when you look back, but let it bring tears to someone’s else’s eyes, because of what you have been through and survived!

Be the Onion, you were born to be!! Be You!


Kari M. on June-27-13 7:40 AM

I have to admit, this was cute and had really good it made me smile! Thank you! 

Anita Sechesky on June-27-13 9:22 PM

Thank you Kari M!! I am so glad that you got something out of it. AND it made you smile!! 🙂 


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