Who Are You Going To Be Today?

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-02-13 12:18 AM
Who are You Going to be Today Picture
The BEST way to feel good about yourself…is to just decide! ……Who ever thought it could be that easy?
But it is easy to say “Yes!” or “No!” …so decide how you want to feel today? You always have a choice. Do you want to feel good about who you are?
Do you want to forgive yourself for something you think you need to address in your life? Do you need to accept yourself once and for all for who you really are?
When we finally let go of all the expectations and guilt of the past.
We can finally give ourselves the chance to make a new start!!!. YES!! …you can give yourself permission to move on and make a new change in your life.
No one is perfect and NO one has all the answers….we are all here just making choices every minute of every hour. What we become is a result of who we choose to be….minute by minute, second by second!
Who are you going to choose to be today?
It is always a good  idea to become the person you know you were born to be….keep in mind the best comparison, if you must is to only compare yourself with who you were yesterday. Your true value increases better that way.


Lisa Britte on June-14-13 5:51 PM

I really like when you say, “No one is perfect and NO one has all the answers!” this really made me think of things I am going through. Thank you. I love your site. 


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