Anita Sechesky energetically and quietly, yet profoundly, talks you through a winding landscape of realities gently engaging you to harvest the creativity laying within you. In less then an hour her powerful questions helped me create my ‘brand’.
Carol Metz Murray, M. P.Admin, Master Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, International
Best Selling Author, Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) and Owner of Carol Metz Murray Leadership Int’l.
I have wandered aimlessly, in limbo, through purgatory. For years. Feeling lost in a world that won’t understand me, can’t accept me. Focusing on all the wrong things, the failures. The setbacks, the disappointments, the heartaches, the downfalls. After time, I forgot how to be me. The me that my friends and family loved. The me that was hopeful, caring, giving, driven. I tried to think back to who that me was and I couldn’t remember who he was or how to be him. Lost. Then by chance, in my journey, I stumbled across a flower. A flower who appeared different from all the flowers. A flower that’s petals were brighter and more colorful then the rest. A flower that made me stop, and give it my attention. All of a sudden I could begin to hear my surroundings again. I would come see this flower each day and every time I did, a tiny piece of the old me began to reappear. Now because of this flower, I can see the good things again. I can focus on the smiles instead of the frowns. I can feel like caring, sharing, and laughing again. I feel like being creative, even artistic. I want to share it with the world and show that I am and that I can. I owe it all to this flower. This flower is you..
…..”well I just got home from the studio and noticed this. It is late but I want to chime in anyways. As a coach, your feeling must be very gratifying when you see your peeps have success, even small ones that are building blocks to a greater outcome. Its all about growth in the steps on the way to a better life. I know I probably show resistance once in awhile and am a creature that has often feared change, and that alone gives you, Anita, a challenge here and there. I can be a handful and am grateful for the tolerance you have shown me over the last year or so as I make my own strides. As my own worst enemy, I learn to be my own friend again. Anita Sechesky, you have been a great asset for me.”  (June 26th, 2013)
Phil Derrick (Tacoma, Washington) – Recording Artist/ Songwiter / Guitarist for Mental Rex
“Thank you Anita for helping me, for being my mirror, for helping me to see and identify my limiting beliefs, and to move beyond them. Each session with you brings further clarity, more breakthroughs, higher levels of self-empowerment, clearer choices, greater self-love and overall peace in my life. In four coaching sessions with you I have gained so much more than 6 months of counseling and a myriad of “self-improvement” workshops. YOU are awesome!”
Donna Apilado-Schumacher (Kilauea, Hawaii) – Owner at AkamaiBooks, LLC
“Thank you, Anita!  You asked the questions that helped me pay more attention to the parts of life I was ignoring while care-taking for my family. Now I am putting some needed changes into action! I want to thank you for your determination and passion for helping others thrive and succeed.”
Beverly Garland (Sugar Land, Texas) – Owner/Artist at B. Garland Studio
Excellent coaching session today with Anita Sechesky!!Thank you soooo much! Your early question hit the heart of it all. I really appreciate your time and insight! You’re amazing!
Rebecca Ausband (Myerstown, Pennsylvania) – Professional Holistic Health Consultant
Anita is a No Excuses very empowering empathetic coach. She always knows what to ask to get you thinking in the right direction. Having you see where you can change, grow and move on towards becoming the person you want to be. Thank you for all you have done for me.
Sandi Chomyn (Yorkton, Saskatchewan) – Certified Life Coach
My name is Nicole and I’m a young Registered Practical Nurse. – 2 years fresh out of College. Anita’s coaching and work has helped me see my true potential. Her resume services not only provide you with an “Excellent” way to catch the employer’s eye, but she also teaches you how to communicate through an interview. Anita goes beyond her call of duty – she is that positive spunk that you need in your life.
Thanks to Anita. I was able to get that job I’ve always wanted, financial independence, and the motivation I needed. Before Anita, I felt so discouraged, like I was inexperienced – but the truth is that I had all these hidden talents and skills that Anita was able to draw out of myself. She really took time to understand what I wanted and needed. Thank you Anita!
Nicole Nieto (Mississauga, Ontario) – Registered Practical Nurse
I had completed 6 Powerful Life Coaching sessions with Anita, earlier this year and I am blown away by what she helped me to see in myself. I not only have a new Resume and Cover letter that is absolutely Professional and Unique like me., BUT now I finally have the job where I can see the steps I need to get my Dream job !!…Anita helped me  identify some areas that I needed to get more training at the time. I have so much more confidence in myself to see my NEW possibilities! Thank you so much Anita!
Lisa S. (Chatham, Ontario ) – Sales Assistant
Anita is more than just a coach. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge from the medical field that gives her further insight into the human psyche.
Her combination of positivity, sensitivity, intelligence, and understanding make the coaching session more than just comfortable. She’s also not afraid to call you out on any avoidance or to point out if she thinks you might be going in the wrong direction. Her follow up shows that she is sincere and truly cares. She’s helped me a great deal and I recommend her highly.
Staci Pollard (New York, NEW YORK) – Certified Life Coach