Thanks so much for all your love and support. I would like to share a little bit about myself. My first and most important job is being a mom to my 2 darling sons. I love my family and that includes everyone right down to fish and puppy!


I am a Registered Nurse, who for the last 9 years has gained extensive knowledge and skills that I am grateful for. If you know my story, you would understand why I say it that way. I have worked within many nursing units caring for people facing a variety of medical challenges. I have specialized in Trauma Nursing for ER, have worked in Nursing homes as well, and thoroughly enjoy working with all client age groups.

As a Certified Life Coach, through Coaching Cognition, I have gained more clarity about my own passion of empowering others. I have coached and mentored people from all walks of life, including the music industry, health care workers, television personality, career transitions, Realtors, etc.

My current educational goals of 2013 are to complete my Marketing  Course within the Master’s Program at the School Of Online Business, therefore becoming a Business Consultant and Marketing expert.  As you can see I appreciate education and promote continual learning as one form of positive life enhancement.  

I am a positive person and deep thinker. I love reading, watching movies, bonfires, family time, social time, preparing healthy meals, and all of the seasons. I like to laugh and have fun. I have a stable Faith that keeps me grounded. I value my own beliefs as they have carried me through many hard times in the past. I believe that I am also a very Patient, Kind, Loving,Understanding and Open-minded person.

I enjoy having the qualities of a Motivator, Dreamer, Writer, and Researcher. I believe that every Life has a Passion or something of unknown value that is buried deep inside, just waiting to be brought out and released to it’s greatest potential!. My question to you is what does it take to bring your Passion or Dream to life?

I love to see Lives transformed for the better. You can elude to others about your dreams, successes and accomplishments. But you can’t change your reality if you can’t change your direction. You can Embellish the facts about yourself and ignore all you desire to be, but it will not make you any happier. Look inside yourself. Face the facts and learn to accept your failures and disappointments. You are only human. This is also another way that we grow and develop into the people we want to be, by our choices. Choose to let it all go, then you can have a open mind to the possibility of the life you often dream of!….A change to a positive perspective is a gift that only you can give to yourself! With that in mind you will see anything is possible!! …. Just start to believe, increase your faith in yourself and or a higher power, then you will finally start to see that the sky is the limit …

Living Without Limitations!

As your Motivational Life Coach, I will help you to find your empowerment and motivate you to bring out what you want in yourself! Your fresh New positive outlook will get you further ahead than you can imagine! …In many of my personal life experiences, I’ve learned having a positive perspective will keep you stronger and more focused.

I have learned that it is better to not let your Dreams fall to the ground, no matter what others’ opinions of you are. All that really matters is if you think you are worth it! There is a reason you have been given a dream when it could have landed on anyone else’s pillow!
I can now say I appreciate the people who have given me a hard time in the past and undervalued me as a whole person. Because of them, it made me decide to become the type of person I wanted to be, who is not someone negative and self-limiting as they are.

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Thank you for reading my information. I appreciate you and value you as a person of Greatness with so much more Potential!

Much Love and Admiration Always,

Anita Sechesky