Anita Sechesky: Posted on July-02-13 2:33 PM
Love Without Borders Picture
When was the last time you allowed yourself to just  fall in “LOVE?”
Were you thinking very hard, or did it just happen like that?
Did you know before you stepped up to the plate..what was next..?
What’s  happening inside you?
Was the feeling intense?
Did you know it had to be real?
What made you stop and take a second look?
Why were you so surprised when things just made sense?
Are you feeling Empowered?
Enlightened?,Encouraged? and Elevated?
Does everything just come naturally?
Was the connection unbelievable.
Or are you still in denial?
Are you still in fear of what’s happening deep inside?
Are you trying too reason with yourself?
Are you still putting things into place or changing your perspective?
Was it sudden?
Or did it just develop in a way that you had no control?
Do you still have butterflies?
Will you take it for granted and allow anything to just happen?
Or will you nurture it and let it develop into what it is meant to be?
Do you have the patience to stand close and shower it with the love and attention it deserves?
How long are you willing to wait?
Do you understand the intensity behind the words and emotions?
Are you playing games, or are you mature enough to handle the Explosion of Passion that is building up deep inside?
LOVE can make you rich, break down barriers, Destroy hate, Change lives, Reroute destinies, Rebuild nations, Empower the weak, Enlighten, Rebuild hope, Open deaf ears, Conquer fears.
Love can give vision to the blind and yet save your life and all of mankind!
Love can correct the wicked, Ignite Passions, Stop wars, Correct mistakes, Heal the broken and Save the lost.
Love can connect the pieces; Restore the years and then seal two lives for all Eternity!
Love IS the fountain of Youth!

Are you ready to live a life full of “Love without Borders?”


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