Love the Closed doors in your Life! They Open up Opportunities!!!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-18-13 4:37 PM
Love the Closed Doors Picture
Don’t you just love when things work out the way that it is supposed to anyways?
Think about it for a second. It is either going to be good or bad whatever the outcome will be. So what would you rather go with? I am the type of person who understands when things can go wrong, but NOW at this place in my life, I like to really think about it carefully!!
I have always been an analytic type of individual. I don’t accept things for face value. I guess this is the nurse in me. I have learned through many life experiences, my own and those of whom I am close to and even my clients, that many times the doors that close in your life are a blessing in disguise! By having one door close, think of how much more room there is for you to NOW have the right door of opportunity open in your life! I am aware there is a process and it takes time for anything to get from point A to point B….that being the case.
The simple logic of an opinion is formed from a concept of unacceptable or acceptance. I made a decision long ago to go with the latter as the logic of unacceptable does not serve or benefit me and my values and self-confidence at all. This way if someone lets me down, I will not be concerned about this as it was not meant to be and that is my logic. However being human many times does pose a threat to this type of logic at times, especially if you do not take the time to question the other person’s validity and commitment. Even at times in my state of awareness of a situation whether it is with a client or even myself, I have realized we as people many times choose to ignore the things that been giving us clues to what the outcome of a situation may become. Some might choose to call this “ignorance or tolerance”. What and how we choose to let something affect us is what identifies how we value ourselves in the big picture.
Our conscious decisions do affect our subconscious thoughts and patterns in life, whether we are aware of it our not. Obliviously, you can see I look at it from a scientific point of view as the whole world that exists before our very eyes is scientifically based and formed. Whether you choose to accept that or not…that is your choice, as are all of the things in life to each and every one of us.

As you can imagine, I could go on and on, but that is where I will end this thought and would love to hear some feedback of what your opinion is. Thanks so much!!


Melanie A. Brighton on June-18-13 5:25 PM

Love it!! I also have an interest in the way we look at our though patterns. I think it does affect our daily lives, and we forget how much when we are busy around so many different people. I try not to let others view point affect me like it used to. Grateful for you Anita and what you are doing. 

Anita Sechesky on June-27-13 9:26 PM 

Hi Melanie A. Brighton! I got your email! Thank you so much for your kind words, please feel free to contact me via anytime. I look forward to working with you! ~ Anita Sechesky 



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