I am a Motivator and I am Proud of it!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-27-13 6:50 PM
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I just wanted to share why I am an RN and now a Motivational Life Coach.

I have been through a lot of things in my life. Many of these experiences have put me in a place where I have had to look within myself to find answers to questions that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I know what it feels like to be hurt and feel like you have no one you can talk to, because you feel so different. I know what it feels like to not be like everyone else and you don’t belong. I know what it feels like when you think others may be laughing at you. I know and understand what it feels like that you have something to say but no one wants or even cares to know. I know this and so much more….

I know this kind of pain, I have lived it growing up.
I overcame it. I embraced it and understood that these people who made me feel this way were the ones who were losing out.
Now I am blessed with so many great and powerful relationships with people of value and like-mindedness.
I am still grateful for my past life experiences not all was negative, but I understand the value of connection. I appreciate the collaboration of friends and down-time and encouragement and support.
I am attracting great people with a love for others who don’t look at face-value but look at heart-value. People who are sincere and appreciative of relationships and motivating and building each other up.
These are the kind of values I myself have and love. I don’t care for the competition and fake attitudes.
Life is a one way journey, it’s about being there for one another, loving, forgiving and building up.
Relationships should not be complicated. They should be honest, loyal and sincere. Our past does not dictate our future. It is supposed to propel us to strive more to achieve the things we want and make a difference in some way…
As for my past experiences, I have forgiven and I have learned not everyone can appreciate you and can see things the way that you do.
I have let go of those hurts and disappointments as it is a part of forgiveness and I hope that those people will come to understand they did not have the compassion and wisdom to see the value of who I was.
They are the ones who I have forgiven and I can see that my strength is what has motivated me to continue on when others did not believe in me.
By them rejecting me as part of their crowd, I had higher standards for myself! I found inspiration in my dreams and looked outside my own world to those who had overcome their own adversity and were scorned or even rejected.
I motivated myself by understanding the value that I carried within myself. I looked at everyone as equal; I never judged or hated. I was never jealous or envied another person. I spoke up for what I believed in, even when it was not received well by others. What mattered more was that it was received by people of integrity. I am so Grateful that I did not grow up as a follower….I have seen and I have overcome! I am a motivator….no one can be motivated unless they themselves are ready!


Rebecca  on July-01-13 3:38 AM

You are so uplifting and authentic, so genuine. This little piece of the story you are writing with your life, says so much about the amazing person you are! 


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