How do you really care what they think?

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-13-13 5:55 PM
How Do You Really Care Picture
I want to start being a little more real and say some things that I know for sure. Many people walk through and may even still be struggling with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and fear of how others perceive them. This blog is based on several conversations with my friends and clients who are walking through these present issues, as well as what I have overcome…..I WOULD love to say to everyone  “It’s OK, and things will change and get better!” ….But I can’t do that….because I would be bluffing to you…the real fact is NOTHING changes…unless we “Choose” to!!
We are the only ones who can change our perspective and how we allow “Everything in our lives to affect us on a daily basis.” If you feel like you have never been celebrated or appreciated enough or even at all for things in your life that you have accomplished and even conquered…….NOW is the time to re-valuate why.
We cannot please and make everyone happy, and often times, it is much better to just “Forgive” and let go of the things that do not serve or empower us! Sometimes, the reasons may be unfair or inexcusable depending on the circumstances or people who are in your your immediate circle of closeness…for instance, family. We cannot change who we are genetically related to. Because we are still connected to them in some way, we must make choices. Regardless of how your close circle of awareness is and who they are comprised of, you can still learn to validate and appreciate yourself, without their consent or even approval.
Your life is all about you after all. It doesn’t matter who your friends or even family are or aren’t either. As we come to a place of confidence and independence we understand and recognize who we are and see the value of our person. In the big picture, all that really matters is what you think and how you feel about yourself. Many times, the people who are close to us and undervalue our self-worth are really the ones with personal issues that are within themselves. It may be jealousy, or sadly, even worse….although keep in mind this may have nothing to do with you at all! Focus on your own dreams, and live them passionately with a renewed perspective that there are so many more people out there waiting for you and many who already see your value, and still respect and celebrate you!
Stepping away from all forms of disrespect and derogatory attitudes will bring so much empowerment and confidence than you can imagine…whether it is a relationship or even job where you feel under-appreciated, and just tolerated. Maybe it is because you are going through empty-nest at home and the dynamics are changing between you and your spouse or significant other.  It might even be because you have always tolerated things a certain way or maybe you are not part of the inner “Gossip circle”. How about those certain “church groups”  where you feel like an outsider always try to make yourself fit in by overextending your services and time. ..I have heard so many concerns about this feeling of inadequacy and how it affects a person’s whole persona in such a sad, lonely and negative way. Unfortunately, these are the times many shut themselves down and close off emotionally to the people who do care about them. No man is an island and we all need to belong somewhere.
Making powerful choices will get you where you need to feel appreciated and important as everyone is someone of great value! When you choose to let go of these types of environments and the types of people who are part of it, you will feel like major baggage has been lifted off your life.
Doing this may be simpler than you even realize, change your own self-talk and love yourself more, discover new hobbies and try new things, read more books, try creative art classes, it’s all about how you want to bring your value into who you want to be and then realizing it has nothing to do with what is going on around you as much as what is going on inside of you that counts! Simply by making this decision of restoring your self-worth with a renewed and empowered faith, the confidence of believing you are more than worthy to be appreciated brings out your fabulous self!!
It will feel like cleaning your car windows and putting good fuel in your engine! You are in the driver’s seat of your own life and how you choose to get where you want to go you will get there much happier!

Now that you can see more clearly with no distractions to your destiny!


Joan M. on June-13-13 8:46 PM

Thank you for this, no one ever talk about. I belong to a group where I always try to make everyone happy, but I am not. You are very right, I need to think more about myself. 

Anita Sechesky on June-27-13 9:28 PM

Hi Joan! I am so appreciative that this post resonated with you and helped you to place a higher value on yourself!~ Many Blessings!! 

Marc Lapierre on June-13-13 9:06 PM

WOW! this hits home. Thank you. 

Anita Sechesky on June-27-13 9:30 PM 

Hi Marc, you are so very welcome. Please feel free to comment again on anything that you feel inspires or motivates you!~ Anita Sechesky 


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