Fuzzy Wuzzy – Teddy Bear Love!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-15-13 11:43 PM
Fuzzy Wuzzy Picture
What is it about little children and soft fuzzy Teddy bears?..I remember my first Teddy Bear from my Grandma…God bless her precious soul. It was a little yellow
bear with I’m pretty sure a little red bow around the neck!  Boy!..did I love that bear!…and if it was alive I’m sure it would have known it…
I took my Teddy Bear everywhere!..Literally, to the playground and on family road trips..I probably would have taken it to school if I was allowed!..My bear was a very well groomed Teddy! lol!..When I had a bubble bath, I made Teddy feel special too..he got slathered with baby lotion and powder all over as well!…
Much to my horror one day I could not find Teddy, he just disappeared out of sight! I asked my mom and dad and they gave each other this strange look, and didn’t say anything right away, and I then heard, “It must be around somewhere?”…then I asked my little brother. I was sure he must have hidden Teddy..and I was determined to find him. Off I went on a scavenger hunt. I scoured my home from top to bottom, underneath tables, underneath chairs, inside the closets and cupboards, high and low. I even checked my brother’s room in between his Tonka trucks!
When I got downstairs..I saw my dad at the washing machine and he had a pile of soft white fluffy stuff next to him on the dryer that looked like cotton candy. I asked him what he was doing? …”Well Anita,” he said, “You know that sometimes when things get dirty you have to wash it…your Teddy needs to have a special bath.” “What!!”..I said. “What do you mean daddy?..I wash him all the time and then I powder him and put nice baby lotion on him and then he’s happy!”…”Anitaaa..if your Teddy does not get a special bath, he will not last very long.” I watched as my dad finished pulling out the stuffing from my Teddy Bear. Then I saw Teddy hanging out to dry after his “special” washing machine bath. What a strange feeling…But within a couple days I got Teddy back, and boy was he just like brand new! Soft and sweet smelling!..His fur was so beautiful, yellow, gold and fuzzy wuzzy clean, not matted down with baby lotion and powder!…
Sometimes life is just like that..we get all matted down by covering up everything inside with nice stuff on top of it! By living this way, we end up carrying layers of pain, heartache and disappointments ..What we really should do is let it all out and refill our lives with the right stuff again and then things will be brighter, cleaner, fresher and a whole lot lovelier! This is where having faith in God, who is bigger that everything can help you to put more things in a better perspective.

Thanks to my daddy for always taking care of my special gift from Gramma that was precious to me as a child. Because of my dad’s time and devotion, my own children have my little yellow Teddy Bear now to enjoy as well! Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad in the whole world!! Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to never give up, but to become the best that I could be. I love you, and God Bless you Papa xxxooo

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