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Anita Sechesky has been a practicing Registered Nurse for the last 9 years, gaining extensive knowledge and skills caring for people facing a variety of medical challenges in health care. She has worked in hospitals and nursing homes, thoroughly enjoying working with all client age groups. She is specialized in Trauma Nursing and is working in various Emergency Rooms throughout South-western Ontario.
Anita is also certified as an NLP, or Neuro-linguistic programming, Practitioner, and is a Law of Attraction trainer. Anita will be featured as one of the contributing authors to Christine Marmoy’s 2nd anthology project entitled “Hot Mama in High Heels”. Christine’s 1st book, Success in High Heels, became an International Best Seller within 9 hours of its release. The launch date for Hot Mama in High Heels is on October 11th, 2013.
Currently, Anita is also contributing to another book project, entitled “Bold is Beautiful”, which will be published and launched this December. And her 3rd major project, which will be Anita’s 1st compiled book, is called “Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock your World”. This powerful and life-changing book will be featured in all major book stores internationally and available on Amazon.com on December 12th, 2013.

Who Are You Going To Be Today?

Who Are You Going To Be Today?

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-02-13 12:18 AM
Who are You Going to be Today Picture
The BEST way to feel good about yourself…is to just decide! ……Who ever thought it could be that easy?
But it is easy to say “Yes!” or “No!” …so decide how you want to feel today? You always have a choice. Do you want to feel good about who you are?
Do you want to forgive yourself for something you think you need to address in your life? Do you need to accept yourself once and for all for who you really are?
When we finally let go of all the expectations and guilt of the past.
We can finally give ourselves the chance to make a new start!!!. YES!! …you can give yourself permission to move on and make a new change in your life.
No one is perfect and NO one has all the answers….we are all here just making choices every minute of every hour. What we become is a result of who we choose to be….minute by minute, second by second!
Who are you going to choose to be today?
It is always a good  idea to become the person you know you were born to be….keep in mind the best comparison, if you must is to only compare yourself with who you were yesterday. Your true value increases better that way.


Lisa Britte on June-14-13 5:51 PM

I really like when you say, “No one is perfect and NO one has all the answers!” this really made me think of things I am going through. Thank you. I love your site. 


Make an Angel Smile!


Make an Angel Smile!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-02-13 12:47 AM
Make an Angel Smile Picture
When was the last time you felt the need to cheer another person up?
Have you ever had a situation where you felt so bad for someone it made you uncomfortable?
Maybe they were going through something personal and you could see how they were trying to keep it together, but it was too obvious and you knew you had to at least try to help. If you have done any of these things or felt this way as described, you must be a very special person.
Seriously, if you really take a good look around, I am very sure you would agree with me that there are not enough people out there doing this very thing!
Everyone is busy with their own life! I want to encourage the ones who do, take the time and make an extra effort and help someone feel like they are important and valuable, because you are a human Angel!
When you take a little time out of your own world, schedule or routine just for someone else, you have made an Angel smile! There are so many people who unfortunately do not have anyone to believe in them and appreciate them for who they are! Imagine these lonely, lost, isolated and discouraged people…they could be your own family members, co-workers, neighbours, friends and even complete strangers!
Many times, people who are living a life like this feel like are are not worthy, valuable or important. We all know very well how great we feel when we are celebrated or appreciated for the simple things we do. Sometimes that extra pat on the back is all that is needed to put a little bounce in our step.
Don’t worry if others don’t acknowledge or even talk to you…don’t be like that!
It will only make you someone you don’t really want to be. Instead be yourself! Be your beautiful, loving, friendly, forgiving, happy, generous, thoughtful, considerate, kind, caring and appreciative you!
There is a major shortage of this personality type in the world as we know it…YOU are a rarity! The World needs YOU to be that Human Angel and make a real Angel Smile! Help others to focus better at the tasks on hand and not just complete them but do them to the best of their ability!
As children growing up we can all  relate to how it feels when we are loved, appreciated, acknowledged and cheered on by those who care about us and want the very best for us! It is the same way now as a adults…even though not everyone wants to talk about it! …we have grown up BUT everyone still needs to feel like they are on the right track, validated and made to feel like they count as a great team member! This can greatly improve the moral of everyone who is a part of a family, business, school, church, or place of employment.
When positive reinforcement is made, you will see great results either short or long term benefits. Use this as an indicator that you are doing well as Leader, friend, relative, colleague, neighbour and classmate.

DON’T STOP NOW! … You’re making MANY more Angels smile!

Joan M. on June-13-13 8:49 PM

Beautiful words. Thank you dear


How do you really care what they think?

How do you really care what they think?

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-13-13 5:55 PM
How Do You Really Care Picture
I want to start being a little more real and say some things that I know for sure. Many people walk through and may even still be struggling with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and fear of how others perceive them. This blog is based on several conversations with my friends and clients who are walking through these present issues, as well as what I have overcome…..I WOULD love to say to everyone  “It’s OK, and things will change and get better!” ….But I can’t do that….because I would be bluffing to you…the real fact is NOTHING changes…unless we “Choose” to!!
We are the only ones who can change our perspective and how we allow “Everything in our lives to affect us on a daily basis.” If you feel like you have never been celebrated or appreciated enough or even at all for things in your life that you have accomplished and even conquered…….NOW is the time to re-valuate why.
We cannot please and make everyone happy, and often times, it is much better to just “Forgive” and let go of the things that do not serve or empower us! Sometimes, the reasons may be unfair or inexcusable depending on the circumstances or people who are in your your immediate circle of closeness…for instance, family. We cannot change who we are genetically related to. Because we are still connected to them in some way, we must make choices. Regardless of how your close circle of awareness is and who they are comprised of, you can still learn to validate and appreciate yourself, without their consent or even approval.
Your life is all about you after all. It doesn’t matter who your friends or even family are or aren’t either. As we come to a place of confidence and independence we understand and recognize who we are and see the value of our person. In the big picture, all that really matters is what you think and how you feel about yourself. Many times, the people who are close to us and undervalue our self-worth are really the ones with personal issues that are within themselves. It may be jealousy, or sadly, even worse….although keep in mind this may have nothing to do with you at all! Focus on your own dreams, and live them passionately with a renewed perspective that there are so many more people out there waiting for you and many who already see your value, and still respect and celebrate you!
Stepping away from all forms of disrespect and derogatory attitudes will bring so much empowerment and confidence than you can imagine…whether it is a relationship or even job where you feel under-appreciated, and just tolerated. Maybe it is because you are going through empty-nest at home and the dynamics are changing between you and your spouse or significant other.  It might even be because you have always tolerated things a certain way or maybe you are not part of the inner “Gossip circle”. How about those certain “church groups”  where you feel like an outsider always try to make yourself fit in by overextending your services and time. ..I have heard so many concerns about this feeling of inadequacy and how it affects a person’s whole persona in such a sad, lonely and negative way. Unfortunately, these are the times many shut themselves down and close off emotionally to the people who do care about them. No man is an island and we all need to belong somewhere.
Making powerful choices will get you where you need to feel appreciated and important as everyone is someone of great value! When you choose to let go of these types of environments and the types of people who are part of it, you will feel like major baggage has been lifted off your life.
Doing this may be simpler than you even realize, change your own self-talk and love yourself more, discover new hobbies and try new things, read more books, try creative art classes, it’s all about how you want to bring your value into who you want to be and then realizing it has nothing to do with what is going on around you as much as what is going on inside of you that counts! Simply by making this decision of restoring your self-worth with a renewed and empowered faith, the confidence of believing you are more than worthy to be appreciated brings out your fabulous self!!
It will feel like cleaning your car windows and putting good fuel in your engine! You are in the driver’s seat of your own life and how you choose to get where you want to go you will get there much happier!

Now that you can see more clearly with no distractions to your destiny!


Joan M. on June-13-13 8:46 PM

Thank you for this, no one ever talk about. I belong to a group where I always try to make everyone happy, but I am not. You are very right, I need to think more about myself. 

Anita Sechesky on June-27-13 9:28 PM

Hi Joan! I am so appreciative that this post resonated with you and helped you to place a higher value on yourself!~ Many Blessings!! 

Marc Lapierre on June-13-13 9:06 PM

WOW! this hits home. Thank you. 

Anita Sechesky on June-27-13 9:30 PM 

Hi Marc, you are so very welcome. Please feel free to comment again on anything that you feel inspires or motivates you!~ Anita Sechesky 


Fuzzy Wuzzy – Teddy Bear Love!

Fuzzy Wuzzy – Teddy Bear Love!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-15-13 11:43 PM
Fuzzy Wuzzy Picture
What is it about little children and soft fuzzy Teddy bears?..I remember my first Teddy Bear from my Grandma…God bless her precious soul. It was a little yellow
bear with I’m pretty sure a little red bow around the neck!  Boy!..did I love that bear!…and if it was alive I’m sure it would have known it…
I took my Teddy Bear everywhere!..Literally, to the playground and on family road trips..I probably would have taken it to school if I was allowed!..My bear was a very well groomed Teddy! lol!..When I had a bubble bath, I made Teddy feel special too..he got slathered with baby lotion and powder all over as well!…
Much to my horror one day I could not find Teddy, he just disappeared out of sight! I asked my mom and dad and they gave each other this strange look, and didn’t say anything right away, and I then heard, “It must be around somewhere?”…then I asked my little brother. I was sure he must have hidden Teddy..and I was determined to find him. Off I went on a scavenger hunt. I scoured my home from top to bottom, underneath tables, underneath chairs, inside the closets and cupboards, high and low. I even checked my brother’s room in between his Tonka trucks!
When I got downstairs..I saw my dad at the washing machine and he had a pile of soft white fluffy stuff next to him on the dryer that looked like cotton candy. I asked him what he was doing? …”Well Anita,” he said, “You know that sometimes when things get dirty you have to wash it…your Teddy needs to have a special bath.” “What!!”..I said. “What do you mean daddy?..I wash him all the time and then I powder him and put nice baby lotion on him and then he’s happy!”…”Anitaaa..if your Teddy does not get a special bath, he will not last very long.” I watched as my dad finished pulling out the stuffing from my Teddy Bear. Then I saw Teddy hanging out to dry after his “special” washing machine bath. What a strange feeling…But within a couple days I got Teddy back, and boy was he just like brand new! Soft and sweet smelling!..His fur was so beautiful, yellow, gold and fuzzy wuzzy clean, not matted down with baby lotion and powder!…
Sometimes life is just like that..we get all matted down by covering up everything inside with nice stuff on top of it! By living this way, we end up carrying layers of pain, heartache and disappointments ..What we really should do is let it all out and refill our lives with the right stuff again and then things will be brighter, cleaner, fresher and a whole lot lovelier! This is where having faith in God, who is bigger that everything can help you to put more things in a better perspective.

Thanks to my daddy for always taking care of my special gift from Gramma that was precious to me as a child. Because of my dad’s time and devotion, my own children have my little yellow Teddy Bear now to enjoy as well! Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad in the whole world!! Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to never give up, but to become the best that I could be. I love you, and God Bless you Papa xxxooo

Love the Closed doors in your Life! They Open up Opportunities!!!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-18-13 4:37 PM
Love the Closed Doors Picture
Don’t you just love when things work out the way that it is supposed to anyways?
Think about it for a second. It is either going to be good or bad whatever the outcome will be. So what would you rather go with? I am the type of person who understands when things can go wrong, but NOW at this place in my life, I like to really think about it carefully!!
I have always been an analytic type of individual. I don’t accept things for face value. I guess this is the nurse in me. I have learned through many life experiences, my own and those of whom I am close to and even my clients, that many times the doors that close in your life are a blessing in disguise! By having one door close, think of how much more room there is for you to NOW have the right door of opportunity open in your life! I am aware there is a process and it takes time for anything to get from point A to point B….that being the case.
The simple logic of an opinion is formed from a concept of unacceptable or acceptance. I made a decision long ago to go with the latter as the logic of unacceptable does not serve or benefit me and my values and self-confidence at all. This way if someone lets me down, I will not be concerned about this as it was not meant to be and that is my logic. However being human many times does pose a threat to this type of logic at times, especially if you do not take the time to question the other person’s validity and commitment. Even at times in my state of awareness of a situation whether it is with a client or even myself, I have realized we as people many times choose to ignore the things that been giving us clues to what the outcome of a situation may become. Some might choose to call this “ignorance or tolerance”. What and how we choose to let something affect us is what identifies how we value ourselves in the big picture.
Our conscious decisions do affect our subconscious thoughts and patterns in life, whether we are aware of it our not. Obliviously, you can see I look at it from a scientific point of view as the whole world that exists before our very eyes is scientifically based and formed. Whether you choose to accept that or not…that is your choice, as are all of the things in life to each and every one of us.

As you can imagine, I could go on and on, but that is where I will end this thought and would love to hear some feedback of what your opinion is. Thanks so much!!


Melanie A. Brighton on June-18-13 5:25 PM

Love it!! I also have an interest in the way we look at our though patterns. I think it does affect our daily lives, and we forget how much when we are busy around so many different people. I try not to let others view point affect me like it used to. Grateful for you Anita and what you are doing. 

Anita Sechesky on June-27-13 9:26 PM 

Hi Melanie A. Brighton! I got your email! Thank you so much for your kind words, please feel free to contact me via anytime. I look forward to working with you! ~ Anita Sechesky 



You are an Onion!

You are an Onion!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-27-13 2:44 AM
You are an Onion Picture
Have you ever seen an Onion? Have you ever peeled back the thin skin, and seen a thicker layer? Then when you break through the layer after layers the onion juice makes your eyes water?
Well we are like an onion! YES!! …we are.
The layers represent our lives, it tells our stories.
As the layers are thick, so is the experiences we have walked through. Then we have our moments…the emotional tear jerking, struggles, hardships, heart breaks. As we grow emotionally, we can see more layers and we can see more tears!
Life is not easy, it is a blessing indeed! But, everyone has their own personal struggles, and pain they must endure. Not anyone is immune to this thing called life. We are all connected, by birth, marriage, occupation, gender, ethnicity, geography, education, religion, politics, economics, health and history.
As we develop as a society we are all affected by what is happening on the world front. The local news and world news are what makes us or breaks us. We can deny many things, but one thing we cannot deny is that life happens in layers… Birth, Toddler, Childhood,
Adolescent ,Teenage,Young adulthood, Middle- aged adulthood, Senior adulthood.
Throughout , our life-cycle we develop like onions. We grow, develop, learning the whole while, we continue learning and developing, developing and learning. We go through our own family process, have children, take care of them, teach them and watch them grow up themselves. As these changes and cycles take place, we also go through many experiences, many will have endured the hardships of job losses, losing loved ones, relocating, marriages and divorces, failures and disappointments. We sometimes, share our emotions with those we have close or don’t.
As an “Onion” person, we need to understand that with each experience we go through it becomes part of our own personal development. We have always had a choice to choose what will cause us to become the type of person we want to be.
So what I am saying is continue being that Onion!!… but let your layers bring out the best in you, and don’t let it bring tears to your eyes when you look back, but let it bring tears to someone’s else’s eyes, because of what you have been through and survived!

Be the Onion, you were born to be!! Be You!


Kari M. on June-27-13 7:40 AM

I have to admit, this was cute and had really good points..plus it made me smile! Thank you! 

Anita Sechesky on June-27-13 9:22 PM

Thank you Kari M!! I am so glad that you got something out of it. AND it made you smile!! 🙂 


I am a Motivator and I am Proud of it!

I am a Motivator and I am Proud of it!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on June-27-13 6:50 PM
I am a Motivator Picture

I just wanted to share why I am an RN and now a Motivational Life Coach.

I have been through a lot of things in my life. Many of these experiences have put me in a place where I have had to look within myself to find answers to questions that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I know what it feels like to be hurt and feel like you have no one you can talk to, because you feel so different. I know what it feels like to not be like everyone else and you don’t belong. I know what it feels like when you think others may be laughing at you. I know and understand what it feels like that you have something to say but no one wants or even cares to know. I know this and so much more….

I know this kind of pain, I have lived it growing up.
I overcame it. I embraced it and understood that these people who made me feel this way were the ones who were losing out.
Now I am blessed with so many great and powerful relationships with people of value and like-mindedness.
I am still grateful for my past life experiences not all was negative, but I understand the value of connection. I appreciate the collaboration of friends and down-time and encouragement and support.
I am attracting great people with a love for others who don’t look at face-value but look at heart-value. People who are sincere and appreciative of relationships and motivating and building each other up.
These are the kind of values I myself have and love. I don’t care for the competition and fake attitudes.
Life is a one way journey, it’s about being there for one another, loving, forgiving and building up.
Relationships should not be complicated. They should be honest, loyal and sincere. Our past does not dictate our future. It is supposed to propel us to strive more to achieve the things we want and make a difference in some way…
As for my past experiences, I have forgiven and I have learned not everyone can appreciate you and can see things the way that you do.
I have let go of those hurts and disappointments as it is a part of forgiveness and I hope that those people will come to understand they did not have the compassion and wisdom to see the value of who I was.
They are the ones who I have forgiven and I can see that my strength is what has motivated me to continue on when others did not believe in me.
By them rejecting me as part of their crowd, I had higher standards for myself! I found inspiration in my dreams and looked outside my own world to those who had overcome their own adversity and were scorned or even rejected.
I motivated myself by understanding the value that I carried within myself. I looked at everyone as equal; I never judged or hated. I was never jealous or envied another person. I spoke up for what I believed in, even when it was not received well by others. What mattered more was that it was received by people of integrity. I am so Grateful that I did not grow up as a follower….I have seen and I have overcome! I am a motivator….no one can be motivated unless they themselves are ready!


Rebecca  on July-01-13 3:38 AM

You are so uplifting and authentic, so genuine. This little piece of the story you are writing with your life, says so much about the amazing person you are! 


Love Without Borders

Anita Sechesky: Posted on July-02-13 2:33 PM
Love Without Borders Picture
When was the last time you allowed yourself to just  fall in “LOVE?”
Were you thinking very hard, or did it just happen like that?
Did you know before you stepped up to the plate..what was next..?
What’s  happening inside you?
Was the feeling intense?
Did you know it had to be real?
What made you stop and take a second look?
Why were you so surprised when things just made sense?
Are you feeling Empowered?
Enlightened?,Encouraged? and Elevated?
Does everything just come naturally?
Was the connection unbelievable.
Or are you still in denial?
Are you still in fear of what’s happening deep inside?
Are you trying too reason with yourself?
Are you still putting things into place or changing your perspective?
Was it sudden?
Or did it just develop in a way that you had no control?
Do you still have butterflies?
Will you take it for granted and allow anything to just happen?
Or will you nurture it and let it develop into what it is meant to be?
Do you have the patience to stand close and shower it with the love and attention it deserves?
How long are you willing to wait?
Do you understand the intensity behind the words and emotions?
Are you playing games, or are you mature enough to handle the Explosion of Passion that is building up deep inside?
LOVE can make you rich, break down barriers, Destroy hate, Change lives, Reroute destinies, Rebuild nations, Empower the weak, Enlighten, Rebuild hope, Open deaf ears, Conquer fears.
Love can give vision to the blind and yet save your life and all of mankind!
Love can correct the wicked, Ignite Passions, Stop wars, Correct mistakes, Heal the broken and Save the lost.
Love can connect the pieces; Restore the years and then seal two lives for all Eternity!
Love IS the fountain of Youth!

Are you ready to live a life full of “Love without Borders?”


Choose to Believe….Only then you can Receive what is for Real!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on July-05-13 3:17 PM
Choose to Believe Picture
This journey called Life, has brought so many only so far.
I have seen it in their eyes, I have wiped away their tears. I listen to their words, and heard the fall of oh, so many years.
I know that love is where life starts, so why don’t we love ourselves more than that?
If love is what you’re looking for, let it start with you, learn to value everything that is within.
You alone can change your world, you alone can save your world!
Your world begins the moment you are conceived, and ends the moment you leave.
If you understand the value of your “Thoughts and Words.”
You will know that what you speak will create your own reality!
Many times I wonder, why do they give up? Why are they so scared when all it takes is just letting go of all their inner Fears!
I have been by their sides and helped them when they cried,  I give them all my heart and only hope that they will realize.
This life that we have been given, is so precious and oh so rare.
 It only comes around once for each of us, so why would you want yourself to compare?
There is so much out there just wanting and waiting for you to be REAL!
I know, I have been there, I too have had my own set of fears.
I have walked down the middle of the road, that others would not have dared. I traveled along the way, where, giving up seemed to be the only way.
Trust me when I say, there is always, bumps along the way.
I am a strong believer, that everything happens for a reason.
When you have a dream, and don’t know where to go, follow your heart and see there is always more and then there is always tomorrow.
Focus on what you want, leave the rest alone.
If you truly believe that LIFE is not just what it is.
Then you surely will receive, all that’s meant for you.

Because the real secret my friend is you are the creator, designer, and producer of your own Reality!

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