My mission is to inspire you on your own Journey of Life! I have seen what happens when Life’s Passions are left untouched and Dreams lost forever.   I have walked through many valleys and decided to climb my mountains with only a grain of mustard seed faith at times, but as I carried on, my faith seed grew!   My hope was restored! This is what I want for you too!


AnitaThe company ” Living Without Limitations” is an extension of the vision of Anita Sechesky. She is a unique and beautiful individual with a compassionate heart who wants to empower and make a difference in as many lives as possible.  It has been her passion to help others from a young age growing up in North-Western Ontario, Canada.

As a person of strong faith, she has learned to not judge others and respect people of all cultures and beliefs as they are an integral facet to the human spirit and wholeness. As a young person she has faced many challenges and overcame them.  As a young mother, she faced the loss of her first child and understands the heartache and turmoil of your whole world falling away.

 In her career as a RN, she has seen so many broken dreams in people’s lives. So as a professional working in many multifaceted areas of Health Care, and also as a Certified Life Coach, she has had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life and is empathy driven to continually care with the highest standards.

Your experience to be coached, mentored or trained by Anita will be none other than Life Changing!