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Choose to Believe….Only then you can Receive what is for Real!

Anita Sechesky: Posted on July-05-13 3:17 PM
Choose to Believe Picture
This journey called Life, has brought so many only so far.
I have seen it in their eyes, I have wiped away their tears. I listen to their words, and heard the fall of oh, so many years.
I know that love is where life starts, so why don’t we love ourselves more than that?
If love is what you’re looking for, let it start with you, learn to value everything that is within.
You alone can change your world, you alone can save your world!
Your world begins the moment you are conceived, and ends the moment you leave.
If you understand the value of your “Thoughts and Words.”
You will know that what you speak will create your own reality!
Many times I wonder, why do they give up? Why are they so scared when all it takes is just letting go of all their inner Fears!
I have been by their sides and helped them when they cried,  I give them all my heart and only hope that they will realize.
This life that we have been given, is so precious and oh so rare.
 It only comes around once for each of us, so why would you want yourself to compare?
There is so much out there just wanting and waiting for you to be REAL!
I know, I have been there, I too have had my own set of fears.
I have walked down the middle of the road, that others would not have dared. I traveled along the way, where, giving up seemed to be the only way.
Trust me when I say, there is always, bumps along the way.
I am a strong believer, that everything happens for a reason.
When you have a dream, and don’t know where to go, follow your heart and see there is always more and then there is always tomorrow.
Focus on what you want, leave the rest alone.
If you truly believe that LIFE is not just what it is.
Then you surely will receive, all that’s meant for you.

Because the real secret my friend is you are the creator, designer, and producer of your own Reality!

Life’s Fantastic Journey!


Anita Sechesky: Posted on July-06-13 5:05 PM
Life's Fantastic Journey Picture
This journey that I have been on, has allowed me to meet and get to know so many incredible, beautiful and amazing people!
Honest and loyal people of integrity and value who understand themselves but also know how to put others needs first, without losing focus. People who are genuine and really care! People who hold you up, add value to your life by appreciating who you are and support you through your own journey!!What a fantastic opportunity I have had to converse, share, mentor and also be mentored by these kind of people.I am still evolving into what I am longing to be more like, I am focusing on the characteristics of my true authentic self! I appreciate so many diversities and can clearly see things that were once vague to me.I have forged through some tough situations and let things slide as they served me no real purpose. I appreciate that not all will line up with my vision and that is absolutely alright with me!
In fact it’s Double, Triple Super Awesome!!!!Why be associated with anyone whose values and integrity disturbs your inner peace and tranquility? What kind of things have you kept hanging around because you feel you have no other choice but to painfully or uncomfortably tolerate?Many are confused and that is alright as well, as I was at one time in my life and I do now understand things  from a different perspective. Although life is an evolution of growth and self-awareness, I am satisfied and excited at where I am at now and how things will evolve as I direct my energy and attention to it.Everyone can only be expected to comprehend things that they understand and many times it is a personal understanding and if there is unresolved issues in one’s life there will most likely be misunderstanding.

When these things happen, step back and re-evaluate the situation and in a calm and peaceful manner, appreciate the other person and in doing so allow them their space and vulnerability that they are bringing forward. Many times people react because of their inward man and what it is interpreting things to be like.

When I have had to be a mediator in various situations, this is the approach I use as we already have many emotions exposed and vulnerable. I always try approach with a new perspective and enlightenment. Recognize the triggers and learn and grow, not all are meant to be in your inner circle when you are about to reach a new level!

Our lives are meant to be in a continual state of learning, evolving or growing into a better and more refined version of who we started out as. Not everyone around us is in that place and many are comfortable right where they are. This is perfectly alright, This is how shifts are allowed to happen, with this, doors are closed and new doors are opened to new opportunities of growth and wisdom that we are attracting to get us where we want to be!

In our life’s journey we meet so many characteristics of amazing and beautiful human beings, we always attract what comes into our lives by what we are putting out there as well. Even though some will inspire you, some will still discourage you. This is alright as it will help you to see new things you never did at one time! Don’t lose hope if and when some will try to use you, and try to devalue you. Many times how someone treats another human being is only a reflection of what is going on inside of them.

The best way to always live with peace of mind is to …be consistent, be real, be honest, keep promises, treat others how you want to be treated and forgive often!

Let go of what does not EMPOWER and celebrate who you are…do you really need others to bring you down, devalue your dreams and ambitions by discouraging you?

No matter what…….when you start to understand they do not have the final say over you and your success in life, you will find the courage you need to have!  Then you can appreciate how to graciously take back the control and power that you need for yourself! This will help you to rise above and see through the smog that you may be trying to get out of your life.
Only then will things will become clearer and your vision will become brighter!!

Shine On my dear, sweet friend, YOU are meant for Greatness!
Don’t let anyone rain on your parade no more!

I Believe in you! Do You?



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